Small Agency, Big Punch.

Once upon a time, we started as video production company. We prided ourselves on creating engaging and stunning visuals and sound to express our client's voices - but there was one problem - our clients had trouble marketing the final product.


So we began to learn data driven marketing online to help drive our beautiful videos to the right paying audience. Since then, our services have snow-balled into a full-service digital marketing agency in Sydney, Australia, with expertise in every facet of marketing.

Although we have grown and now have some fancy tools under our belt, we've stuck to the same core values that helped us cater to our customers' needs from day one:
We strive to provide effective marketing strategies to companies that range in a variety of size and industry.


What does "effective" mean to us? Simple. Our bottom line is getting you more business. That means more paying customers, more contracts signed and more business expansion. So "effective" marketing strategy at Evie Studios always means "exponential growth" for your business!

Regardless of your company's size and services, there's always room for growth. Allow us to surge the presence of your brand through web design, SEO, and ad campaigns. We offer proven digital marketing solutions and love every minute of it! So go on, challenge us today!

evie studios large vintage rustic modern office space plants trees tables desks chair computers
evie studios large vintage rustic modern office space plants trees tables desks chair computers

Our Purpose

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, totally inclusive of web, design, film, video, social media services. Every business is completely unique in their marketing needs and that's why we create strategies and production for your specific financial, business and client goals.

Our purpose is to guide you through a process of executing unique and highly successful campaigns that return your time and money spent. We strategise and identify your target audiences, objectives and how to achieve them within your timeframe and budget.

Through digitally led strategic solutions, we synchronise marketing plans with sales processes to drive awareness and increase interest to your services and brand. A unique concept that evolves current processes into accelerated results, which transform a company's bottom line.

Our services are led by expert digital consultants & professional content creators that serve your business and leverage the appropriate digital tools to create a demand for your product in the market.

With tangible results, elated client testimonials and a track record of marketing that "just works", you can trust in us to design impactful media for your business and brand.

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We'll take your business to new heights

Our competitive marketing solutions are guaranteed to give you data driven results!