The 24hr Customer Acquisition Guide

This no-fluff guide, will show you how to generate and manage a reliable influx of leads AND teach you how to close them.

  • Instructions and detailed steps for both B2B and B2C businesses

  • 31 pages, 10,000 words of jam pack tools, tips, advice and statistics to give you a holistic guide

  • Fast track your lead generation and start manageable, consistent business growth!

What you can expect from this eBook:

A detailed explanation of generating and managing leads online with targeted digital marketing and outbound sales.

Chapter 1

Managing The Lifeblood

Highlighting The Importance of Customer Acquisition

In this chapter we'll begin your acquisition journey with highlighting different acquisition techniques and solutions for both B2B and B2C type businesses.

Chapter 3

Word of Mouth Is So 90s

Leave Behind The Unreliable

This is where we will state the need to move your acquisition online rather than using old, traditional techniques. We'll help you understand the digital landscape and get you moving forward full steam!


Chapter 5

Into The Matrix

Stand Out In The Vast Sea of The Digital Landscape

Here we go into step by step guide of differentiation and making your brand voice unique and competitive.


Chapter 7

Hot vs. Cold Leads

Both Are Money Makers

A breakdown of lead types and their buying stages for optimal closing techniques.


Chapter 9

Going In For The Kill

Learn How To Close Your New Leads

A psychological look into the art of closing. We'll explore emotions, needs and how to market correctly and what language to use so you have the most powerful closing techniques in the game!

Chapter 2

Targeting With Precision

Getting To Know Who Your Ideal Partner Is

Here we'll get to know your ideal customer and learn to work with them as a partner to form meaningful and long-term relationships.


Chapter 4

Going Digital

Getting Started Online

This chapter includes a step by step deep dive into what your options are online and how to use the vast digital world as effectively as possible. This will be an extensive chapter exploring both B2B and B2C options for digital acquisition.

Chapter 6

Reputation Management

Show Your Worth

This chapter includes an exclusive tool of the trade that we use in our day to day reputation management system. 

Chapter 8

Blasting The Internet

It’s Time To Start Automating
This is an extremely in depth look into automating marketing and lead generation for both B2B and B2C businesses with advice on what tools to use and get exceptional quantities of leads.

Chapter 10

Never Let Them Go

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Taking into account that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of their existing customers, this chapter will provide in depth insight into how you can keep your new customers around for years to come.

This might just be the most valuable free book you ever get your hands on!

  • Extremely in depth analysis and instructions

  • Australian centric examples, stats and demographics included

  • Includes steps you can begin to action TODAY!

What other readers say:

"This guide is the first eBook that actually has valuable information in it! I've downloaded that many eBooks before and they're just basic information that then asks you to sign up to a course - this is not the case with 'Start Winning Online'! I'm very impressed with the level of detail they give away for free. 5 Stars from me!

Julie Anderson

"Awesome amount of info with no sales pitch! I learnt a lot of new tools (especially loved the reputation management resource) and it's made my start to the digital world that less daunting! Fantastic eBook and I would highly recommend!

Don Geron

"I loved reading through this book! The chapters are detailed with examples, screenshots and statistics to really paint a picture of it's advice. I would say 'it's worth every cent' but it's free! So just download it already.

Katie Davidson

"My favourite thing about this eBook is that it's Aussie centric. All of the examples, stats and advice is based on the Australian market and Aussie trends which is such a refresher considering most eBooks are US biased."

Samuel Langston


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