The 7 Second Landing Page Rule

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Did you know that us humans have become so infatuated with quick content that our attention span has actually lowered than that of a goldfish?!

Yep, that's right. Goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds, we have around 7 seconds. Luckily we have evolved to have some sort of self discipline that allows us to actually get tasks done and stick to a goal but that 7 seconds really does pertain to how we judge brands and the impressions they make on us.

Will Rogers said, "You never have a second chance to make a great first impression", and it's no surprise he's right. You only have one opportunity to make your customer trust you through the internet and the last thing you want is for them to turn away from something you could have easily sold to them.

In 2020, almost every single business has a website (or so they should) and many people treat a website as seriously as visiting a place of business in person. So with that 7 second rule in mind, not only do you need to have a quality presenting website, you also need to demonstrate the quality in less than 7 seconds if you have any chance of making that first impression count.

So how do you ensure your site's first impression is a positive one? You need great landing page design.

What Is Landing Page Design?

If you read our article last week 'How To Build A Roster Of New Clients In Just 3 Days', you would have read our emphasis on Landing Pages in order to make the buying process as simple as possible for your customer. However landing pages aren't just recognised as sales funnels. Landing page design is the process of making a site page that entices your target audience and any website visitors. It needs to guide them along the buyer's journey at least, and at most should convert them into paying customers or leads.

Effective landing pages are congruent with your branding, clearly states your product or service and makes relevant, enticing calls-to-action (CTAs).

Before You Design, Ensure Your Site Is Responsive

You may have heard about responsive design or cross-device optimised web pages. Responsive design is essentially designs that can be viewable on any device no matter the screen format. The responsiveness is how the site 'responds' to that new device.

Half of web traffic is from mobiles which means you absolutely MUST have a responsive site if you have any hope of a great landing page. So before you dive into the design aspect, make sure that your current website builder (or your web developer) is responsive or allows you to make changes to different device versions. If not, then it's time to switch providers.


Know Your Target Audience & Their Language

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Too many business owners think of the product or service they sell and not their customer. Your landing page needs to accurately represent and speak to your target audience in order to better convert.

Again, if you read our article last week 'How To Build A Roster Of New Clients In Just 3 Days', you would have noticed our section about discovering your customer avatar. It's extremely helpful and we recommend having a read of that before moving further here. However if you already know you audience and customer well, then you need to ensure your landing page reflects this.

Ask yourself the below questions:

  • What questions does you average customer typically ask you when they're first enquiring about your product or service?

  • Is your branding well thought out enough that customers can immediately recognise your website?

  • What CTA can effectively meet the needs of your audience or speak in their language?

  • Do you recognise how you differ from your competitors? How do we reflect this in the landing page design?

  • What do your audiences need to see in order to prove your products or services work/ are of value?

Answering these questions will allow you to understand exactly what elements your landing page needs to succeed.

Does Your Landing Page Have A Specific Purpose?

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What exactly are you trying to get your website visitors to do when they reach your landing page? As soon as a visitor loads onto that page, they need to immediately know why it exists.

Landing pages exist for many reasons but the main purposes can be the below:

  • Increase conversions/ sales on one particular offer or product

  • Boost brand awareness and email marketing subscribers

  • Highlight particular products or services that are lower performers

  • Build hype in an upcoming product or service.

Without a planned purpose for your landing page you'll really struggle to create a page that looks great, makes sense and converts well. Make your life easier by planning in advance to making it.

Keep It Simple

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I know you want to put every single piece of information about your product or write about exactly why your service is so valuable but you need to ensure to keep the page simple and not 'busy'. It's okay to not spell out why the visitor should convert throughout the page, instead you can list simple steps they can follow and realise the value themselves.

If you do find a lot of visitors needing more information, you can keep the page clean and simple by including an accordion frequently asked questions section that can explain the service or product in more detail. Remember, less is always more. Check out these awesome yet simple landing page designs for some inspiration.

Test, Test, Test, and Test Some More

Often a step overlooked by newbies but is an absolute necessity. Once your design and build has been completed you need to test the input forms, animations, payment gateways and any other elements that customers may interact with. Some landing page builders are easier to test with than others, here are five we recommend, but at the end of the day you simply cannot 'plugin and play' and expect good results. Not testing your page and catching potential bugs or errors early will cost you conversions, something no one can afford! So make sure you test until you're absolutely confident it'll work every time.

Final tip.

An awesome landing page has the ability to generate more leads, boost your SEO ranking, impress visitors and ensure your site is congruent with your brand. Work through the above steps and always remember the 7 Second Rule - If the visitor isn't enticed into the offer within 7 seconds, then you've lost the sale. Try showing your new landing page to family and friends and gage their 7 second impressions.

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