The 24hr Customer Acquisition Guide

Ah, customer acquisition. The process we’re all familiar with but rarely have a reliable solution for. You may be looking at customer acquisition because you've just started a small business and are trying to get that first deal signed or product sold. Maybe you’ve been around a while and simply relying on word of mouth and existing customer referrals. Maybe it’s none of the above and you’re just killing time at work. However you slice it, you’re clearly interested in getting more customers in a consistent, manageable way. And today, you're in luck!

We've recently dropped our eBook: 'Start Winning Online: The 24hr Customer Acquisition Guide'! This eBook is 31 pages long, with 10,000 words of jammed pack info, tools, tips and tricks to get more reliable leads (and close them) 24/7/365. And better yet - it's 100% FREE! That's right - head here to download it. Here's a quick little break down of what to expect in our book:

Chapter 1 Managing The Lifeblood

Highlighting The Importance of Customer Acquisition There are many different ways in acquiring new customers and the use of these waiver in their effectiveness depending on what you’re selling, what industry you’re in and the target demographic of your audience. Chapter 2 Targeting With Precision

Getting To Know Who Your Ideal Partner Is There are many different factors and demographics that your potential partners could be made up of and it’s up to you to get digging. Not only does this help you market towards your ideal partner but also influence business and product development decisions so you can make more sales every month. Chapter 3 Word of Mouth Is So 90s

Leave Behind The Unreliable You cannot simply rely on one method of customer acquisition!

Especially one that you cannot track with data or precision such as word of mouth. Get out of the 90s and step into the 20s - start acquiring customers online. Chapter 4 Going Digital

Getting Started Online A step by step deep dive into what your options are online and how to use the vast digital world as effectively as possible. Chapter 5 Into The Matrix

Stand Out In The Vast Sea of The Digital Landscape Creating differentiation and standing out online takes commitment. If you want to grow your reach and your presence, focus on the steps that will take you there. Tackle one at a time and keep kicking that ball forward. Chapter 6 Reputation Management

Show Your Worth This is something we don’t see a lot of digital marketers actually talk about to the gunning small business owner. As a small business owner, you’re also the company’s Reputation Manager. The role and responsibility of a reputation manager is to create and maintain a favourable brand image of the company and its products. Chapter 7 Hot vs. Cold Leads

Both Are Money Makers A breakdown of lead types and their buying stages for optimal closing. Chapter 8 Blasting The Internet

It’s Time To Start Automating An extremely in depth look into automating marketing and lead generation for both B2B and B2C businesses. Chapter 9 Going In For The Kill

Learn How To Close Your New Leads A psychological look into the art of closing. It is always 10x easier to sell a product with an impulse decision based on their bad feelings - we always value sadness over happiness - it’s just a more powerful emotion.

Chapter 10 Never Let Them Go

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Many companies drive customers away with poor customer retention initiatives or even a complete lack of a customer retention strategy. Taking into account that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of their existing customers, failing to keep those customers around for the long-run can actually mean huge financial losses for businesses.

It's a pretty incredible free eBook (if we do say so ourselves) and we hope it adds value to your business journey and gives you some handy tools to guarantee consistent sales.

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