How To Master Lead Generation In Three Easy Steps

 Lead Generation

Sales and cash flow are the lifeblood of all businesses. Along with your customer retention and loyalty efforts, it’s important to master lead generation to experience sustained business growth. Digital marketing is an effective and affordable method of generating leads that convert into new clients or customers. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can implement a lead generation funnel with digital marketing. If you haven’t already, we recommend also reading our previous blog post on How To Qualify Your Way To Better Leads to ensure that you are not only generating a steady stream of leads, but that they are also high-quality, have a high chance of converting and will have a positive effect on your profitability.

Step 1:


The first stage of your lead generation funnel is to build awareness of your products and services among your target audience. The awareness stage is everything from your first point of contact to developing a relationship. We recommend digital marketing means including social media, blog posts and SEO at this stage. A great way to ensure your efforts are effective is to research which platform/s your potential audience is most likely to be in the buying mode. You can do this via your previous data or by evaluating the strategies of competitors or businesses in similar industries if you have a new business.

 Lead Generation

For your social media strategy to be effective, it’s important to create high-quality content on a consistent basis. Content that your ideal customer and audience would find valuable, informative and/or entertaining is best. Social media content could include professional imagery of your products with creative copy, explainer videos, Instagram and Facebook lives so your audience has the chance to get to know you, stories for regular updates and reels which are currently growing in importance when it comes to organic reach and impressions. One of the biggest benefits of social media is that you can easily direct traffic straight to your website, landing page, article, product or service without your viewer even having to leave the app.

 Lead Generation

Blog posts and/or articles that are SEO friendly and evergreen are a great way to improve and optimise your website’s ranking and continuously drive traffic to your business. We recommend cross-promoting blog posts and articles on your social media channels as they are usually the first touchpoint a potential customer has with your business unless they are already searching for a product or service similar to your offering. If you find that the rate at which you are building awareness is slower than you would like, paid advertising can help speed up the process. We recommend putting your budget behind posts or videos that have already gained some momentum as the social proof will assist in gaining the attention of a cold audience. During your awareness phase, analyse your data and analytics to determine what your audience and potential customers are responding well to and pivot your strategy if necessary. The idea is to lead them to the next stage of the funnel, engagement and lead nurturing.

Step 2:

Engagement and Lead Nurturing

At this stage of the funnel, you have already built an audience of potential customers that are aware of your business and are familiar with your products and services. They may be interested in purchasing; however, they require nurturing before they will convert into a sale. Since most people in this category are already following your social media channels or are signed up to your newsletter, this is a great time to lead them down your lead generation funnel. For example, you can retarget website visitors or engaged social media followers with ads or send newsletters with free valuable resources such as eBooks, special reports, case studies, free trials more information about your products and services, exclusive offers and the like.

 Lead Generation

With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, collecting valuable data via lead magnets such as email addresses are important to ensure the longevity of your relationships that you’ve worked so hard to build. Your weekly or fortnightly email can then not only have the purpose of generating more sales, but also help you to nurture your relationships with your audience by providing them helpful tips and tricks and insight or information to improve their lives or businesses. You will then be viewed as an industry leader and have a better chance at staying top of mind when they are ready to purchase. Once you have email addresses and other information from potential customers, they are then classified as leads, which brings us to the last step in your funnel.

Step 3:

Repeat Website Visitors and Enquiries

 Lead Generation

Prospects who are repeat website visitors, highly engaged social media followers or have sent enquiries about your products or services are actively interested in what you have to offer. They may be signed up to your mailing list, have completed a few trials of your service or have tested samples of your product. At this stage, they just need the final touchpoint to help them convert. Depending on your pricing strategy and your target customer’s price sensitivity, you would now offer them special offers, invites to VIP events, free shipping, discounts or free consultations. The idea here is to incentivise them to make their first purchase, or if they have purchased previously, to transition into being a loyal and frequent customer. If you have a product or service which runs out, for example, if you sell cosmetics or skin care, after 2-3 months or however long it normally takes your customers before they require replenishment, you can send them an email reminding them to re-order your product. You could do the same with a service such as nutritionist appointments or business coaching calls to keep your customers accountable to their goals and so they continue to purchase from your business.

Lead and Customer Generation

After implementing your lead generation funnel, every few weeks or monthly, adjust your strategy as you gain insight about its effectiveness. Data and analytics from your social media accounts, email marketing platform, website and sales will be invaluable. It’s also worth mentioning that as your business and audience grows and changes, you will need to adjust your strategy.

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