How To Drive Growth Through Facebook

Business Growth with Facebook

With both businesses and consumers shifting online with the global trend, marketing for business growth with Facebook is becoming increasingly important and beneficial. To take advantage of Facebook’s unique opportunities, you need to understand your audience and potential customers’ specific needs and goals, as well as how your business can connect and convey that your products or services provide the best solution. In this week’s blog post, we will discuss how to develop a winning strategy, your voice and messaging, understanding needs and pain points, content marketing and our advice for the long run.

Create a Goal and Strategy

Business Growth with Facebook

To begin, we wanted to point out that Facebook is a social media platform, with a highlight on the social aspect. We find that a lot of businesses use hard-sell tactics such as calls to action in every post and a one-way flow of communication. The goal of having a presence on Facebook, and any other social media platform, is to be social with your audience, while remain professional of course. What we mean by this is adopting a conversational tone and authentic messaging to connect on a human level, rather than having a business transactional approach.

First up, we would encourage you to outline a strategy of what type of growth you want to achieve with Facebook. Are you looking to deepen your relationship with previous buyers to convert them into loyal fans? Do you want to attract new customers similar to your existing customers as you know they are avid Facebook users? Do you want to increase high-quality enquiries via Facebook? Having a clear strategy will allow you to be more intentional with deciding what actions you need to take to achieve your goals.

Define Your Audience and Understand their Needs, Pain Points and Goals

Business Growth with Facebook

Creating personas or avatars of your current and desired customers will provide insight into their specific needs, pain points and goals. If you have existing customers, survey them after a purchase to ask about their experience with you and take note of the language and wording that they use or create polls in your Facebook posts and stories to learn more. These will be valuable in your content creation process as a way of connecting with them in a language they relate to. If you are a new business, research competitors or people in your target market, you could even conduct surveys with family and friends to begin with.

Gathering information about the following will provide great insight:

  • What are their pain points? Provide examples if necessary.

  • What are their interests?

  • What are their attitudes and beliefs towards your business or industry?

  • What are their objections? So, you can determine how to address them.

  • Are they already using a product or service similar to yours? If not, why not?

  • Are they price sensitive or driven by quality and exclusivity?

  • What information and knowledge do they value?

  • What are their goals in relation to the product or service you offer?

Content that is personalised to your audience in language that appeals to them is more likely to be favoured by Facebook’s algorithm meaning more of your audience will be exposed to your content. Continuously make your customers and target customers part of your story and analyse your Audience Insights to refine your messaging and content.

Content Marketing Strategy

To achieve business growth with Facebook, your content must be consistent, have recognisable brand colours or elements, be high-quality, and have a mixture of new and ever-green content to make the content creation process simpler. Keep your audience engaged with imagery, videos and links to your website for content like blog posts to encourage engagement and sharing. We can’t stress the focus on quality enough. If it means you have to post once every two days instead of every day to produce quality content, that is preferable.

Business Growth with Facebook

By sharing content that is humanised with behind-the-scenes photos, videos or stories about yourself and your team, your audience is more likely to find you relatable. People like to see familiar faces; they will be more likely to stop scrolling and actually consume your content. For example, we’ve noticed with our clients that the posts that include visuals of the owners and the team actually garner more engagement which is valuable knowledge.

Having a diverse content strategy is best, you can of course include posts about your products and service and their benefits, but also mix in posts about your brand story, authority building posts like articles you’ve been featured in and awards you’ve won, lead nurture posts and personal posts. If you notice a particular post is getting great results, that’s a great opportunity to add an ad campaign to leverage the success. This is where your evergreen content is helpful as you can keep the ad running for a lengthy period of time while it’s effective without worrying that it will become untimely. If you’re looking to grow your Facebook following, focus on content that is sharable, for example posts that are educational and entertaining. Sharing is the most valued action your audience can take that will help you reach a larger audience.

Customer Service

Business Growth with Facebook

As we’re sure you know, social media platforms like Facebook tend to be the first-place customers go to share their opinions about your products and service. Ensure you reply to all enquiries and comments and optimise your profile with information like store opening hours, phone number, email, address, website and more so your potential customers are able to find information quickly and easily, which will reduce your time spend replying.


Building an authentic audience that is highly engaged and achieving business growth with Facebook takes time, be patient with yourself and your audience throughout the process. Don’t concern yourself too much with vanity metrics including likes and number of followers. Use Facebook Insights to learn more about what’s working well for your audience and potential customers to produce more of that type of content, and of course, always feel free to ask your audience what they want to see from you. The great thing about polls is that you can ask for instant feedback without sending emails that don’t have a high response rate.

If you are looking for a marketing partner to assist you with developing and implementing a Facebook marketing strategy that your audience responds well to, feel free to get in touch with us at, we’d be more than happy to chat to you about how we can help your business grow.

Business Growth with Facebook

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