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Directory Listings

All your directory listings’ needs on one convenient platform.

Listings Manager

Save your time and energy by organising all your various listings in one convenient place. Our reports will give you a new, exceptional digital marketing experience that covers all your desired requirements.

Directory Syndication

Your business can be filed across hundreds of different listings  depending on your location. Avoid manually creating the directory yourself and get all your changes and adjustments published within minutes to ensure real-time updates.

Crucial KPIs

All of the most imperative KPIs for your business is available with one click. Get the top performing listings including lead source, peak hours, and more, within seconds by using our various KPI metrics.

Business Profile Editing

Our reporting and custom forms make marketing better and easier! With our forms, customising, and editing your business profile is just so easy. Every change and addition you make are saved, saving you time, effort, and money.

What Our Clients Say

" Managing our different directory listings used to be such a pain and I used to dread updating the various info and verifications they all needed. Evie Studios really helped us get a grip on the listings and made the process so much easier and less time consuming. "

Carl Robinson

" Didn't realise I needed this service until I had it. We used to manage around 15 different listings and now it's all done through Evie. Simple idea but 100% useful. Thanks team! "

Khalil Antar

We did it for them,
we can
do it for you.

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